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misparchinam.com provides residential and business users the flexibilty of having a local number in Israel which rings on their US phone, all at no cost to ANYONE. Free for you, free for them, truly "chinam".

HOW can misparchinam.com provide FREE Israel numbers?
We knew you would ask, and we asked the same question before you did. Do you think we would give out free Israel numbers without thinking it through?

We provide free Israel numbers absolutely FREE for anyone, but this is not the only service we offer. We also offer paid subscriptions for calling back to Israel via your office, cell, or home phone. We also offer Hosted PBX, SIP Trunks and other telecom services.

Paid services are totally optional and will not affect your free phone number, we do hope that you enjoy the free Israel number and decide to use our premium service offerings.

Please note that not every number is eligible for a free Israeli number. In most cases cellphone numbers will be eligible, and landline numbers will not be eligible. If your number is not eligible for a free Israeli number, you can get premium paid version by contacting us by clicking here.

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